In Feet of Himalayas – A day away from PhD.



Boring life of Phd could make you go super-mental and frustrated. Same was happening to my friend Anchal who has joined one year back only and could not bear the monotonous and so-not-social life of research.

We, a group of 4, planned to leave from Delhi on Saturday night bus and come back on Monday morning. We had only one day to plan and enjoy everything. We planned to go by night bus at 11-12 O’clock with distance of approx. 5-6 hrs. So we got the cab from South Delhi, with the fare price of approx. 200 Rs with coupon from our coupon-finding guy Abhinav (He is all time source for any coupon regarding cabs or shopping) using cab we reached to Kashmiri gate. We reached to the Rishikesh counter at Kashmiri gate bus stand. We would have booked our tickets from Red-bus or some website but i thought we will get regular Volvo buses but I could not be more wrong. There was no Volvo from 12 AM to 5AM. We would have to wait for 4 hours. So we chose to go on the first bus we got that was Uttaranchal roadways too Haridwar first then catch another bus from haridwar to rishikesh. After little adjustment, we got the seats.

As soon as we boarded, we slept. Our eyes opened with sunrise and I realized we are in Roorkee. And my nostalgia of my college rushed in my head. My 2 years of college life, friends, Class bunks, market, shopping, campus everything was in my head within a second. I was super excited to see my campus from road. Our bus crossed the main gate of my campus to Haridwar. As soon as it went.. I suddenly turned from sleepy to super-chatty and started telling abhinav, who was now sitting next to me, all the stories one by one. Not realizing the fact that full bus could listen to my voice and feel my excitement. Haridwar was another adventurous stop of mine when I was in college. As soon as I reached Haridwar, rather than we catching a bus,


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I convinced my friends to atleast go to “Har-ki-podi” and see Ganga Aarti. We got the e-riksha and reached to Har-ki-podi in 10 min. in 30 bucks. The mesmerizing view of Ganga with sunrise was worth-stopping for. We sat next to Ganga. Visited the Ghats, The morning view to any religious place can fill any atheist with the vibe of spirituality. The flowing water, the chants in the temple, reflection of sun falling in the water with cool wind makes the environment completely mesmerizing. So we sat there for some time then I introduced my friends to “Mohan Puri Wale” small but very famous shop for puri, sabzi and kachoris. This would be best place to start your day. I personally love that place for puri and sabzi. Halwa as sweet is also so delicious. Till 8AM we stayed and roamed on the Haridwar roads. Then got one traveller autos carrying 4 of us to Rishikesh in 1 hr duration in 100 bucks. We reached till 9AM there and started looking for cheap rafting and bungee jumping places. There are so many shop and agents that offer such adventures to tourist but you actually need to look around and figure out cheapest. We went to multiple places then shortlisted Himalyan Adventure.


16 Kms. Above From Rishikesh On Badrinath Road, Tehri Garwal, Shivpuri, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249192 with phone number – 094123 25962 .


We fixed the price for 400rs each and waited for an hour at their office for rafting to start. The rafting guide instructed how to move the oar (Chappu) in forward, backward, the rapids going to come on the way. The adventure began with first slow rapid at first. We were a group of 11 people including We 4 and 6 from other guys gang from Delhi and 1 guy from Mumbai who came alone. Except two guys who were with me, all were first timers. So thrill and scared at the same time.


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We started our raft, First we were not in coordination so guide warned about the possible turning of raft in fast rapids if we dont coordinate. After some time we were in pace. One by one, easy to difficult, 10 rapids passed and we could not be more thrilled with that journey. On our way, one raft turned also and people in the raft and their stuff was saved by other rafts going nearby so no loss of life or any injury caused. There were around 10-12 rafts near to us and everyone is cautious about other people even in business competition. This took around 2-3 hours and we were absolutely tired after 3 hours of exercise of muscles but without any doubt enjoyed every bit of it.


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Next we wanted to do bungee jumping, the official spot at Rishikesh but we were told that you should book 3-4 days before because for next 3-4 days all bookings were done. Then we had lunch. Roamed around the market. Went back to Haridwar from the auto. Attended Haridwar’s Ganga Ghat Aarti. That could be the best place, the holy Ganga, with flowing water. Although Ghats near temple are very occupied, but one can sit at little distance from temple, in case looking for little calmness.. Then we got the bus from Haridwar at 11 around and reached Delhi at 6 in the morning Kashmiri gate.

I must say the thrill, adventure I felt on that time and even after even thinking of that is totally worthless. If you visit Rishikesh This is the only thing you should definitely try. Otherwise you may regret for not doing it. 😉



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