PHOTOMANIAC?? Beware, You could END in JAIL!!!!

Well guys if you are so crazy to click selfies in the public places then beware,  a third eye is continuously watching you in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia a little mistake in clicking a pic can make your day a worst nightmare. Police will arrest you on the spot for violating the rules of photography.

So For your safety, There are only 3 things that you must take care before taking any picture. :

1. Say a big NO to picture of GIRLS : Yes It seems little freaky but its true. Any of your picture should not be focused on a Lady. If seems so you could land yourself into a big trouble. Neither a girl should be in background facing you or be in the focus. This is very 1st thing before deciding the length of frame.

2. No Pictures of Govt. Buildings: There are cameras every where in the city. Even at the places where we cant even expect. So any picture clicked taking the govt. building in the frame will be considered as violation of rules. Its just the matter of security. If you are from another nationality you might be considered as spy in kingdom.

3. No pictures offending Religious views:  Guys Believe me.. they are very very serious for this issue. During the time of Namaj  (Which subsequently is 5 times a day), you should definitely switch of your cameras if someone is doing the religious activities. Taking the pictures of them is totally taken offence here.

So just follow the rules and try to avoid any inconvenience in your trip to SAUDI ARABIA.. 🙂


Well Friends you all are invited to share your any memorable travel experience here. All we want you to relive the happy , fun moments you spend on your trip to a place. Lets Show the world What travelling is all about.. ?




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