1st Flight Experience




Everyone thinks at least once in their childhood that how would it feel like to fly?? How will it look like when we are above the clouds? Just at 10000 meters height, From where any sky scrappers seems to be smaller than an inch.

Well Same is my story too. I always had a aim to cross the nations border via plane only. But never thought that i could achieve that so early. In India, flying in the plane considered to be a step towards success.  They think that the person who has gone to abroad is successful. No matters what is he gonna do there?


I still remember, I got my first flight (that too international) on 26th April, 2017. Since i was going to abroad so my parents came to drop me to Airport. It was theirs wish since a long time. So I didn’t refused.

<<<<<<< AIRPORT SCENARIO >>>>>>>

It is the moment of Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) Terminal T-3, New Delhi , India. IGI is so beautifully built that, one would have definitely thought to come here before. That too happened with me. There was crowd all over the airport. It seems I was the only one left to get on plane. Otherwise its pretty much common.



So, Soon the time came when i had to say good bye. it was kind of emotional moment for my mom. I asked mom why is she getting senti. She just replied “You wont understand a moms feelings”. Well That was something i didn’t expect to come up. So I did see off them and entered into airport premises to catch my flight. I did not want to get late for my 1st flight. So I went in on time.


After submitting luggage bags, filling Immigration forms and clearing security checks I reached to boarding hall. where there was so many shops to have food. Although I was going to get food in flight but I thought since time is not fixed when will they give so why not have it some what here. so I had my snacks and stood in the queue to enter into the plane.

<<<<<<< INSIDE THE PLANE and TAKE OFF >>>>>>>

I 1st thought I would be boarding a bus to get to plane yard but when I stepped forward into the queue I saw it is ending in the plane itself. As I got in, there was an hot air hostess welcoming me in on the door. She was having a pretty smile on her face and then she said softly ” Welcome Sir”.  It sounded great. It actually made me happy. But then i thought it was not for me personally. Its her job . She wont get paid if she doesn’t say so.  So i moved on inside. I got stunned looking insight view of plane. I never thought it to be like this. It was conjusted. People were just standing nearby their seats for no reason. There was all over the sound of saying “excuse me excuse me” and one worst thing is the person behind me was keep saying it to me. I said dude chill i have no interest to stand here. Let aforestanding person settle then i will move. He got silent. Then I reached to my seat and put the bag in baggage box above the head.  I looked out of window. It made me more excited thinking the road i m seeing right now, will be gone very soon and there will be a film of clouds outside the window.


So as the plane started to move another air hostess said to switch off the cellphones and instructed all passengers about the risks and  accidents that we may face. and also how to get ourselves safe in those situations.

Now Pilots 1st does technical and system checks by moving it on ground. So first fifteen minutes were frustrating. It seemed the pilot will take the plane by road #Sarcastically. But suddenly a point came when plane stopped for some seconds and immediately took up speed. That was nostalgic moment. I was going to leave surface. And In few seconds I was above the New Delhi. The view I just saw through Google Earth only till that day, was live infront of my eyes. Lights in that city was looking like Diwas in holly river Ganga on Diwali Festival. The inclination was subsequently increasing and in counting of the minutes I was above the clouds.

It was Like my dream came true. The experience of enjoying taking off a plane for 1st timers is awesome. I will say everyone to definitely take these experiences once in your life time. 😉


PS: So Readers If you too have any moment or experience to share with all Must Write down to me… I will post it through this page to take it to millions of people.

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