Rishikesh-A Trip to Remember



Rishikesh, situated in the shiwalik range of Himalaya beside the river Ganga attract tourist from all over the world because of its religious importance and natural beauty. Now a days Rishikesh is also famous for river rafting.

One such opportunity I got during my college days. Rishikesh is well connected by rail and road network. There is various travel agency who provide rafting boat along with a guide.They have the package that you can take according to your will. Longest one start from Shivpuri and ends at Laxman jhula it stretches up to 24 km. We booked a car for us from the travel agency and they took us along with rafting boat to initial point from where rafting was going to be started.Guide provides us all safety equipment like safety jacket, helmet etc and some instructions that would help us to row boat in the river.
The real excitement started when we entered with our boat at the starting point.The noise of flowing water was roaring more than that of our hidden fear that each one of us was holding.
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As soon as we entered the river ganga flowing through the deep valley of beautiful mountains the freshness of water washs all our fear . As we were enjoying the beauty and hardly moves a distance of 100 m a big wave of water approached us and shaked all of us.We all screamed loudly but wait this was just a starting of that trip a lot more was coming which we hadn’t expeted. After shaken up by wave we  recollected ourselves holding the top outside edges of boat suddenly another wave come and nearly overturned our boat which somehow got its balance.As i was sitting in front of boat the splash of water wave come i took a deep breath in and screamed loudly as it passed away. Those moments might be the best moment of excitment which i felt. However adventure of rafting got doubled when our guide asked us to jump into the river and we all were like what we had to jump , then he told us to jump while holding the rope tied to lower part of the boat. We all were excited once we jumped into the river, the water was so cold that for a moment it freezed all of us. We were moving with the flow of water feeling the forces of water as if a fish was in water.As we were all young guide was quite sure about the saftey of us but suddenly that moment came when one of our friend got a bit more excited and loses his grip on the rope and start flowing away from us and we all started shouting in fear, guide reacted and saves him by throwing his saftey rope toward him. After that we all enjoyed riding the waves, jumping into the river and racing with the other boats.After 3 hours we reach at point where we all had to finish up.There we ate maggi and enjoyed cliff jumping from a height of nearly 30 m.After finished up all these we took some pics capturing the beauty of nature and life of friends and the moment that we all would cherish throughout our life.
After this, we stayed in beach camp for one night which provides facilities for food and bone fire the food they provide was of the good quality you will find some other type of camp which may have DJ and other facilities you can take up them according to your needs and enjoyment.
In the morning the cold breeze will refresh your soul and mind.The lovely scene of flowing water will make you sit near the river on the stones.
Overall the experience of river rafting is worth for every penny. You can visit along with your family or with your friends.The memories will remain forever in the mind of people who visit there. You will see a lot of foreigner dresses up in traditional Indian dress of saint.
The yoga center of India Rishikesh have something for all, the culture of India is inherited here in forms of the temple, Saint etc.



Author: Rajeev Kumar

Native Place:  Delhi-NCR, India.

Contact Address: citycrackersfeed@gmail.com





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