Learning from Tour Trips

Ever wondered what would happen if Tourism was kept to be a mandatory subject in secondary education? What if Every student (or say Child) has to pass this subject in order to complete his education.

Well, According to me Tourism should definitely be a part of syllabus for students in schools. Practical applications of this subject would include Tour Trips in the multiple cities which has many advantages Like:

  • Being Independent:  Visiting to different places makes a person independent and confident. It enhances the spirit to conquer problems and the hurdles which they might face at new place between new people.
  • Being Social:  From the childhood it has been taught to a child not to interact with any stranger. But I have different opinion on this. I say by interacting with multiple people we got to know about their life style, Their culture, Their professions. Every person would have been a stranger once unless we started the conversation.
  • Enhancement of Management Skills:  Most important skill that every one must have are management skills. And these skills can never be better learnt without having the experience of travelling. Because to make a tour successful, traveler uses his time management skills, he done cost analysis on his own level, he learns to be feel safe (or say Health management), learns to work in a team, learns to feel free to ask for solutions and helping others by using intellectual skills.

Well if these number of advantages are available and are even feasible to apply then I must say If i get a chance to raise my voice for this , I will definitely not be speechless and sit silent like a mook audience.

If you any opinion regarding this, you are most welcome to comment or can directly through my mail or simply through Contact Author page.


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