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For some people travelling is just a journey from one stop to another. According to them the way of travelling is to grab a bus or car and get to destination as soon as possible. But What i say travelling is like living another Life. Its not about the city where we are going, its all about how we are going. The feelings ; the moments that I observe while travelling is totally inexplicable. and I know if there is traveler inside you then you would be feeling the same. Every moment brings new thing to you and takes you to another level of amusement. This can only be feel if you see a journey not as journey but living itself.  🙂


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1st Flight Experience

Everyone so thinks at least once in his childhood that how it would be feel like to fly?? How will it be look when we are above the clouds? Just at 10000 meter….. READ MORE…



Riyadg GalleryPHOTOMANIAC?? Beware, you could END in JAIL!!!

Well guys if you are so crazy to click selfies in the public places then beware,  a third eye is continuously watching you in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia .. READ MORE…


Lotus Temple

One Single Day to EXPLORE!!  

Ever wondered if you have one single day in any wholesome important city to explore and you wish to visit every tourist place in that city. How will you  manage .. READ MORE…




What Others Shared… ??


Shashu_2                           KASHMIR TO CORE

           [BY: SHASHIKANT SAHAY, Punjab India]

Kashmir to the core!!! Why Kashmir is called the paradise on earth?? … Why it is always compared to Switzerland?? These questions are quite common if you never… READ MORE….





           [BY: RAJEEV KUMAR, Delhi NCR, India]

Rishikesh, situated in the Shiwalik range of Himalaya beside the river Ganga attract tourist from all over the world because of its religious importance and nature…. READ MORE….



In feet of Himalaya- A day away from PhD. 

[By: Disha Sharma, PhD. Scholar]

Boring life of Phd could make you go super-mental and frustrated. Same was happening to my friend Anchal who has joined one year back only and could not bear … READ MORE…



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